Nirmala Sitharaman launches start-up incubation centre in Mangaluru

Nirmala Sitharaman who, as a Union Minister of State for Commerce, had written to members of parliaments (MPs) to set up start-up incubation centres in their respective constituencies has done that on her own in Mangaluru. Launching the centre in Mangaluru on 29 December 2017, she said Mangaluru and other cities and towns in coastal districts of Karnataka have around 20 colleges offering engineering, medicine and other fields of study. Terming the region as a fertile ground for talent, she said there is a need to nurture the talent.

Stating that CEOL is a symbol of New India, she said she wanted something for a New India, to realise the aspiration and dreams of the youth. That is when she came up with the idea of an incubation centre in Mangaluru from her MPLAD funds.

Second, is to bring in industries to the centre. Start-ups can help find solutions to the problems of the industries in the region. The third is to bring in mentors, who are specialist in each every area including agriculture, engineering, healthcare, to the CEOL. Professionals who excelled in their own areas should come here and sit with that particular start-up, and see how that particular idea is fine-tuned so that it has a purpose in the commercial world.

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