NITI Aayog launches 5 Thematic Reports on Sustainable Development in Indian Himalayan Region

The NITI Aayog on August 23, 2018, released the five Thematic Reports on Sustainable Development in e Indian Himalayan Region (IHR), listing the challenges in all the defined 5 thematic areas. The reports discuss the significance, the challenges, the ongoing actions and a future roadmap.

Himalayan Tourism is growing annually at 6.8 per cent and has created a huge challenge related to solid waste, water, traffic, loss of biocultural diversity etc. With the projected arrival of tourists to more than double by 2025, urgent actions will be needed to address issues of waste management and water crisis. In the northeastern States, thousands of the households continue to practice slash and burn (Shifting Cultivation) which needs to be addressed in view of ecological, food and nutritional security.

Unskilled workforce remains a challenge for the mountains as well that need high priority to address the migration of youths. Challenges related to data availability, data authenticity, compatibility, data quality, validation, user charges for the Himalayan States need addressing for informed decision making at different levels of governance.

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