NITI Aayog launches guidelines for public-private partnership in treatment of NCDs

NITI Aayog on October 17, 2018, launched the model guidelines for Public-Private partnership in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Under the guidelines, the private partner will invest in upgrading, building and deploying human resources. They will be responsible for operational management and service delivery.

Key Highlights:-

1. The model guidelines suggest that the state governments will provide the required physical space.
2. They also suggest that the tariff structure for the services offered under the NCD care facility may be linked to the existing state and central government health insurance scheme.
3. Further, in case a government health insurance scheme is introduced in a state after the adoption of CGHS tariff, the tariff rates would be revised in accordance with the newly introduced scheme in the state.
4. Besides, all the services in the NCD care facility will be offered by a single entity, be it a trust, company and consortium under the PPP arrangement.
5. All categories including trusts, companies will also be allowed to bid for the project and no restrictions will be imposed on any of these categories.

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