NITI Aayog Partners with WhatsApp to Promote Women Entrepreneurs

NITI Aayog and Facebook-owned WhatsApp under the aegis of its Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) announced a partnership to support the growth of a robust ecosystem to promote women entrepreneurs in India. WhatsApp mainly collaborated with NITI Aayog announce an annual calendar of events aimed at capacity building of women entrepreneurs and develop specific programs.

The main aim is to address the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. This initiative would target the registered users of WEP. WhatsApp partner with the Women Transforming India (WTI) Awards 2019, the flagship initiative of NITI Aayog. WhatsApp decided to provide support amounting to $100,000 to WTI winners.

WhatsApp’s evolution from messenger to a business enabler helps to bring digital empowerment to Indian entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs contribute significantly to the growing digital economy in India. They have partnerships between private companies and the public sector help accelerate digital inclusion and give much-needed access to funding so women can achieve their business potential.

NITI Aayog to help support the future women business leaders of India. Small businesses are the backbone of a strong economy. India is the most vibrant startup ecosystems, and the next big disruption will be driven by women-led enterprises, with the digital medium being the biggest enabler. This partnership with WhatsApp underlines our mutual commitment to support the aspirations of women entrepreneurs in India.

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