No cancellation fee for flights cancelled within 24 hours of booking: Draft Passenger Charter

The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation on May 22, 2018 notified the Draft Passenger Charter defining rights for air passengers for public consultation. The Draft Passenger Charter lays down the benefits that the passengers will be entitled to enjoy, if the airline is found to be at fault. The charter will ensure a hassle-free air travel experience.

If the flight is expected to be delayed for more than 4 hrs from the scheduled time of departure or revised departure time that is communicated 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time, then the airlines will offer an option of full refund of ticket to the passenger. When delay is more than 24 hrs from scheduled time of departure and involves flight to fly on the next day, passenger will then be entitled for a free-of-charge hotel accommodation including transfers.

If the flight is stationed on the pitch for more than 90 minutes and there is no possibility of departure in next 30 minutes, then passengers must be de-boarded. If passenger is informed about the flight cancellation less than two weeks before and up to 24 hrs of the scheduled departure time, the airline must offer an alternate flight allowing the passenger to depart within two hours of the booked scheduled time or refund the ticket, as acceptable to the passenger. In case the passenger is not informed about the flight cancellation up to 24 hours of the scheduled departure time, the airlines must refund the full value of the air ticket.

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