Now, government to use MicroDots technology to check vehicle thefts

In a bid to put an end to vehicle thefts, the government will soon launch a new standard for the automobile industry, which involves use of a technology. In this technique, thousands of small dots laser etched will be sprayed with a vehicle identification number on all over the vehicle’s body. This will also include their engines. This tech is termed as MicroDots and it is almost impossible to remove these dots.

The government discussed the technology with several industry experts before arriving at the final conclusion. The highest automobile technical standard making body CMVR-TSC is slated to finalize the rule and its guidelines in the coming one or two.

It is reported that 2.14 lakh vehicles are stolen across India annually. The Capital, however, tops the list with 38,644 in 2016. This significant figure translates to over 100 vehicles on a daily basis. The state of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra follows the list with 34,480 and 22,435 number of vehicles, respectively. The Delhi Police report states that 41,000 vehicles were stolen in the last year of which around 30 vehicles a month were recovered.

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