PM Modi inaugurated Link-II of SAUNI project in Botad, Gujarat

Phase-I of the link II pipeline of the Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation (SAUNI) Yojna in the Botad district of Gujarat is all set to be inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The phase I of the Link-I canal has been dedicated to the public last year in August.The cost of the project is estimated to be near Rs 12000 crore and is an initiative to pump water in 115 dams of the parched Saurashtra region. As per the schedule, Modi is expected to arrive at Botad at around 4 pm thereby releasing Narmada water in the Krushnasagar dam. Furthermore, addressing a public meeting at the outskirts of the town is also on his list. Water transferring to 30 dams near Jamnagar and Dwarka districts of the state is the task of the Link-I canal while the Link-II canal is expected to take water to 17 dams across Botad, Bhavnagar and Amreli districts of Gujarat.The Link-II pipeline is stretched along 253 km initiating from Limdi Bhogavo-II dam. It will dismiss at Raidy dam in Amreli district. On the contrary, the phase-I pipeline covers a distance of 51 km bringing water from Limdi Bhogavo-II to Bhimdad dam in Gadhda Taluka.The project SAUNI Yojna will fill up 115 reservoirs in the Saurashtra region by diverting one million acre feet (MAFT) of floodwaters of Narmada thereby using 1,126-kilometre-long pipelines network.Moreover, this project is expected to target providing irrigation water for 10.22 lakh acres of land in Saurashtra region.

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