Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded the historic three-day long visit to Israel on 6 June 2017. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave the red-carpet welcome and had personally overseen and accompanied all the official engagements of Modi in Israel. During the Modi’s visit, New Delhi and Tel Aviv signed seven bilateral agreements that cover a range of bilateral relations – water conservation, space, science and technology and agriculture. Besides, most significantly, both the leaders announced the stepping up of the bilateral relations to the level of strategic partnership Status.

Apart from the signing of formal agreements and public display of solidarity with the host, Modi’s visit to Israel is of much significance due to the following reasons:-
1.Indian Prime Minister to Israel. Moreover, the stand-alone visit to Israel is also symbolic in nature as it indicates India’s clear intention to dehyphenate Indo-Israel bilateral relationship with Palestine issue and relations with the larger Arab World and Iran.
2.though less in substance, the visit marks the 25 years of full diplomatic relations between the two nations. Though India recognised Israel way back in 1950, full fledged relations with the Jewish Nation were established only in 1992.
3.It is during this visit, both the countries explicitly announced their intent to expand their relations from the conventional defence and security related areas to the emerging and developing areas like agriculture, innovation, space and science and technology.

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