PM Narendra Modi launches Swachhata hi Seva Campaign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 15, 2018 launched the mega countrywide campaign- Swachhata hi Seva Campaign 2018. The fortnight-long campaign was launched by the Prime Minister through video conferencing.

In the elaborate launch event, PM Modi interacted with a cross-section of people from 18 locations across the country including school-children, jawans, spiritual leaders, members of milk and agricultural cooperatives, media persons, local government representatives, railway employees, Self Help Groups, and Swachhagrahis, among others.

The 2018 campaign follows the success of the 2017 campaign and will culminate with the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention (MGISC) from September 29 to October 2, 2018, which also marks the start of the 150th birth year celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi.

Key Activities:-

1. National Launch by Prime Minister: September 15

The launch was done through video conference at more than 15 locations across the country with different sections of the community and eminent public figures.

It will be followed by the launch of shramdaan activities with huge community mobilisation by following grassroots swachhata champions such as women sarpanches, swachhagrahi , students, nigrani samitis, youth organisations, film celebrities and sportspersons, faith leaders, prominent people from corporate organisations and selected Union Ministers and Chief Ministers.

2. School Engagement: September 15

On the occasion, cleanliness shramdaan will be undertaken by school children from around the country at a much larger scale. While the children studying in classes 3-5 will be participating in handwashing campaign, children in 6-12 will be participating in the outdoor Swachhata campaign.

3. Swachhata Sabhas: September 16

On the occasion, special gram sabhas would be organised in villages with the agenda to monitor the status of cleanliness in their gram panchayats and make an action plan for the future.

4. Seva Diwas: September 17

On the day, swachhata-related activities led by Ministers would be undertaken across the country by both, Union and state ministries, central and state government employees.

5. Railways Swachhata Divas – September 22

On the occasion, a mass awareness campaign on cleanliness will be launched for passengers traveling aboard Indian Railways to avoiding littering on trains and station platforms. All railway employees along with their families and personnel in all railway stations, colonies and surrounding areas will be participating in the campaign.

6. Antyodaya Divas – September 25

On the day, each swachhagrahi will be asked to create an army of her own swachhagrahis and each team would work on ODF and ODF+ activities in their villages, depending on the ODF status of their villages.

7. Other Activities

During the week, awareness drives and rallies will be launched by college students, NYKS youth and NCC cadets at an even larger scale. The activities will be aimed at enhancing the engagement of the youth for the cause of swachhata.

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