PM Narendra Modi released the All India Tiger Estimation Report

India, with around 3,000 tigers, is one of safest habitats for the tigers in the world, PM Modi said on 29 July 2019 as he released the All India Tiger Estimation Report 2018. The growth in the 4th cycle of the Tiger Census has been 33%. PM Narendra Modi, who released the figures of the tiger estimation and also he says that India has achieved the target of doubling tiger population before the deadline, that is 2022.

India achieved its target:

According to the survey taken in 2006, the recorded figure of the tiger was 1,411. In the St.Petersburg Summit held at Russia in 2010, India vowed to double the growth rate of tigers. In 2014, the population of tigers in India was 2,226. According to the latest Tiger census report, it rose to 2,967, that is 33%, in 2018. India has doubled the tiger population and has achieved its target for 2022.

Also, in 2014, the number of protected areas was 692, the number increased to more than 860 in 2019. The number of community reserves was 43 in 2014 and it has been to more than 100 in 2019. The recent census indicates that tiger numbers have been increasing continuously.

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