Priti Patel has Been Appointed as the Britains First Indian Origin Home Secretary

Priti Patel has been appointed as Britain’s first Indian-origin home secretary which is a part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top team on 25 July. She will replace Pakistani-origin Sajid Javid. He has been transferred to the Treasury department as the first ethnic minority Chancellor of the Exchequer.

About Priti Patel:

Patel was a prominent member of the Conservative Party leadership. She was a member of the Back Boris campaign. Since 24 July 2019, she has been Secretary of State for the Home Department. Also, a Member of Parliament for Witham in Essex since 2010. She was previously International Development Secretary from 2016 to 2017.

Patel has also served as a junior Treasury minister. She has released a report on the British economy arguing for lower taxes and for a new Bank of England mandate more focused on asset price inflation and financial imbalances.

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