Puzzle Interview Questions

Logical Puzzle Questions & Answers

1. If two painters can complete two rooms in two hours, how many painters would it take to do 18 rooms in 6 hours?

Answer: 06 Painters.

2. Jacob is 12 years old. He is 3 times as old as his brother. How old will Jacob be when he is twice as old?

Answer: 16 Years Old.

3. Simon, Steve, and Stewart are all apple farmers who pool their crop each year to make cider. For this year’s harvest, Steve supplied three times as many apples as Stewart, and Simon supplied twice as many apples as Steve. If the total number of apples supplied is 900 tonnes, how many did each of them contribute?

Answer: Steve = 270.

Simon = 540.

Stewart = 90.

4. There is a number which is very peculiar. This number is three times the sum of its digits. Can you find the number?

Answer: The number is 27.

2 + 7 = 9

9 x 3 = 27.

5. What letter comes next?

A D H K O?

Answer: R

Skip two letters then three, ie AbcDefgHijKlmnOpqR.

Maths Puzzles Questions & Answers

1. Which number comes next?


Answer: 65

Moving downwards, double each number and subtract 1.

2. Which number goes in the empty square?


Answer: 10
In rows, the center number equals the difference between the left and right-hand numbers.

3. Which number completes this sequence?


Answer : 3

Working in columns, divide the top value by the center to give the bottom figure.

4. Which number completes the wheel?


Answer: 39

Going clockwise, each number is doubled then subtract 1, then 2, then 3, etc.

5. Which number is missing from the web?


Answer: 10

The numbers in the top half of the outer ring are written in reverse order plus 1 in the inner ring and vice versa.

IQ Puzzle Question & Answers

1. Which of the bottom squares fits logically with the pattern?



Answer: D

Working columns, one cross is removed at each step, first from one side of the pattern, then the opposite side.

2. Which is the smaller grid goes in the center of the large one?



Answer: 3

The numbers in each row add up to 52.

3. Which of the smaller grids will complete the puzzle? 



Answer: F

Moving in rows from left to right, the row of dots at the top moves down 1 row each time, returning to the top when it reaches the bottom. The left-hand column moves back and forth across the box. In addition, one dot starts in the bottom left corner and moves clockwise corner to corner and another dot fills the central space each time, however, should a black dot already fill either of these two places as a result of earlier instructions then the dot is left white.

4. Which shape is the odd one out?


Answer: D

The others are symmetrical.

5. Which of the bottom boxes completes this sequence?

puzzles-questions-2 puzzles-questions-2a


Answer: E

Working in columns, top to bottom, one spot is removed in sequence at each step.

Word Puzzle Questions & Answers

1. What is the missing letter?


Answer: V

Start at A and work clockwise to alternate segments in the sequence ABcDefGhijKlmnoPqrstuV.

2. What do these dates have in common?

15 February 1984

2 July 1983

16 December 1983

Answer: They all fall in the middle 15 February was the middle of February (1984 being a leap year); 2 July was the middle day of the year 1983, and 16 December was the middle of December.

3. Solve the following rebus?



4. What should go into the empty square?


Answer: T

In the bottom, row numbers are substituted for letters (or letters for numbers) compared with the top row. T (the 20th letter) corresponds with 20 in the top row. (The middle row has no bearing on this comparison and is merely a ‘red herring‚.)

5. Which letter is the odd one out in each ellipse?


Answer: 1 = M, 2 = J The numerical values of No, 1 are divisible by 3, in No 2 the numbers are divisible by 4.

Visual Odd one out Puzzle Question & Answers

1. Which is the odd one out?


Answer: E.

B is the same as F

A is the same as D

C is the same as G

2. Replace the dots with a word to make five new words?


Answer: Picture.

3. Which domino is the odd one out?


Answer: 4:2.

51 + 48 (84 Reserved) = 99

08 + 47 (74 Reserved) = 55

13 + 21 (12 Reserved) = 34

4. Which is the odd one out?


Answer: abutment.

It is part of a structure, the rest are specific types of the arch.

5. Which of these clocks first faces is the odd one out?


Answer: B.

A is a mirror image of D and C a mirror image of E.

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