Railway Minister launches ‘Rail Drishti Dashboard’ to promote transparency

The Union Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal on 25 February 2019 launched the Rail Drishti dashboard, which encompasses all the digitization efforts in the Indian Railways and aims to promote transparency and accountability.

The dashboard will bring information from various sources on a single platform and give access to key statistics and parameters to every citizen of the country. It can be accessed through a desktop, laptop or a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. The application has been mobile optimized for ease of use of the public. The URL of the dashboard is “raildrishti.cris.org.in”.

The section gives information on 4 key parameters of Indian Railways, including Passenger Reservation, Unreserved Ticketing, Freight Earnings, and Freight Loading. The parameters of each element for different periods are displayed. Besides, information on any station on Indian Railways can also be viewed in this tab.

The section assists passengers in tracking any train on the Indian Railways Network. The passengers will also be able to get information about the train as well as the contact number of the housekeeping staff. Besides, filters are available to view specific trains.

The Rail Drishti Dashboard has been launched to make the citizens of the country aware of all the projects undertaken by the Indian Railways. Through the dashboard, the customer or railway passenger will get exposure to the multifaceted transformation underway in Indian Railways across the country. The dashboard will also help make available every kind of information anytime, anywhere to anybody.

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