Randstad Employer Brand Research 2019 Reported Amazon India Most Attractive Employer Brand

According to the Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR), 2019 reported that Amazon India, the E-commerce giant, is the most attractive employer brand in the country. Amazon scored high on financial health, utilization of the latest technologies and a strong reputation.

The top 10 most-attractive employer brands in India for 2019 are:

1st- Amazon India
2nd- Microsoft India
3rd- Sony India
4th- Mercedes-Benz
5th- IBM
6th- Larsen & Toubro
7th- Nestle
8th- Infosys
9th- Samsung
10th- Dell

REBR covered 75% of the global economy with 32 participating countries and more than 2,00,000 respondents worldwide. The research found that the top driver for the Indian workforce while choosing an employer are:

♦ Employee benefits
Work-life balance
Job security

It also said that 55% of Indians prefer to work for a large multi-national corporation, only 9% preferred. The preference for MNCs can be strongly attributed to job security, financial health and career progression opportunities that these organizations are able to offer their employees.

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