Ranking system for national sports federations planned

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is planning a ranking system for National Sports Federations (NSFs) with an aim to encourage healthy competition between sports bodies. The committee will comprise sports administrators, sportspersons and professionals from other fields, including chartered accountants and management experts.

Key Highlights:-
1. The rankings will be based on the federations’ administrative capability, transparency, talent-spotting ability, and medal count of athletes.
2.According to the plan, the NSFs will be ranked for the financial year 2017-18, and the list will be released by May.
3. An opportunity will be given to the sports federations to give their comments and state whether they think the rating is fair or not. After receiving the NSFs’ feedback, the rankings will be published.
4. The Ministry is also set to introduce a two-year post-graduate course in sports management at the Indian Institute of Management-Rohtak.

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