Rapid Trident: Ukraine conducts joint military exercises with NATO nations

Ukraine has launched annual joint military exercise named Rapid Trident with the United States and other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member countries. The exercise will place in the western Ukrainian village of Starychi from September 2 to 15, 2018.

Its main goal is to practice countering armed aggression in conditions of the hybrid war. It is being conducted week before Russia holds its biggest military exercise Vostok-2018 since the Cold War, in the eastern part of the country and with the participation of China and Mongolia.

The exercise is composed of multinational, brigade-level, computer-assisted command post exercise, that is integrated with battalion-level field training exercise and platoon-level situational training exercise. It will see the participation of around 2,200 soldiers (all having combat experience) from 14 countries including the UK, Canada, Georgia, Turkey, Poland and Germany.

During this exercise, armoured vehicles, aviation units and around 350 pieces of military equipment will be used. It will also for the first time see the participation of Ukrainian Border Guard Service and National Guard troops.

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