Romanian PM Mihai Tudose resigns after losing party support

Romania’s Prime Minister Mihai Tudose resigned on 15 January 2018 after his Social Democrat Party (PSD) leaders withdrew backing for him in an overwhelming vote, making him the second premier ousted by the party in less than seven months.

Tensions between Tudose, who was named last June, and the party’s powerful president Liviu Dragnea erupted last week when the prime minister asked his interior minister, a close Dragnea ally, to resign, accusing her publicly of lying to him. She refused.

Tudose told reporters after the party vote: “I did not want to break the party. They named me, they removed me. I take responsibility for my deeds and I do not regret anything in my actions (as premier).” “The vote was overwhelming, to dismiss Prime Minister Tudose,” one member of the PSD’s leadership told Reuters by telephone.

The ruling PSD, which has a comfortable parliamentary majority, will have to nominate a replacement for Tudose during the interim period and its nominee needs backing from Iohannis. The new PSD premier and his team will face a vote of confidence in parliament.

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