Saudi Arabia allows women to Travel Abroad Without the Permission of a Male Guardian

To establish a cooperative relationship between the two sides under the provisions of the Indian Coast Guard and Sri Lanka Coast Guard to combat transnational illegal activities at sea and develop regional cooperation. Four member delegation of Sri Lanka Coast Guard. Under the leadership of its Director-General Rear Admiral Samantha Vimalathunga Director General (DG).

The two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in addressing a spectrum of maritime issues related to safety and security. Sri Lanka involved in drug trafficking based on the exchange of information carried out by the Indian Coast Guard, recognized as an important promoter for pursuing a more collaborative response to emerging conditions at sea.

Saudi Arabia began implementing a landmark reform allowing women over the age of 21 to receive passports and travel abroad without permission from a male “guardian”, authorities. The reform weakens the restrictive guardianship system that has long been a symbol of repression against women. The passport department started receiving applications for women aged 21 and above to issue or renew passports and to travel outside the kingdom without permission.

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