Sentinel Island: Why Sentinelese wish to remain isolated?

Known to be isolated and unwelcoming to outsiders, the tribesmen of the Sentinelese tribe have been in the news lately, after they reportedly killed and buried an American missionary John Allen Chau, who had gone to the islands to tell the remote tribe that “Jesus loves you”.

The Indian police, who had gone to the islands to retrieve the body of the 27-year-old American on November 24, was forced to turn back from the off-limits island in North Sentinel after seeing the tribesmen on the beach armed with bows and arrows.

Key Highlights:-

1. The Indian government’s regulations for the region forbid any sort of interaction with the Sentinelese, who are known to shoot arrows at outsiders.
2. John Allen Chau was reportedly shot by an arrow and buried on the beach on North Sentinel Island, after paying Indian fishermen to illegally take him to the island in the Andaman Sea.
3. The officials believe they have a general idea of where Chau’s body is buried, because of information provided by fishermen who took the 27-year-old near the island on November 17.
4. The fishermen, who were paid $325 by Chau to take him close to the island, say that they saw the tribespeople drag Chau’s body along the beach and bury his remains.
5. Seven people accused of helping Chau reach the island were arrested.

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