Shashank Manohar re-elected as Chairman of International Cricket Council

Shashank Manohar was re-elected as the Independent Chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) for his second term. He was the sole nominee for the post and was nominated by the ICC Board itself.

Manohar became the first Independent Chairman of ICC in 2016. During his tenure of two years, he led significant reforms in cricket, reversing the resolutions of 2014. He was the one who introduced a revised governance structure, including the appointment of the ICC’s first independent female director. Following which, Indra Nooyi was appointed as the first independent female Director of ICC.

According to the election process of the International Cricket Council, each ICC director was allowed to nominate one candidate, who had to be either a present or a past ICC director. Nominees with the support of two or more directors would have been eligible to contest an election. The complete election process was overseen by Edward Quinlan, Chairman of the Independent Audit Committee. However, given that Manohar was the sole nominee for the position, the election process was declared complete and Manohar was elected without any hassle.

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