Shivangi Pathak Becomes Youngest Indian Woman To Scale Mount Everest

Shivangi Pathak, a 16-year-old girl from Haryana, has become the youngest Indian woman to conquer Mt Everest from the Nepali side. She is among some 59 Indian nationals who scaled the peak during this mountaineering season as of 18 May 2018. Pathak used to watch the videos of Sinhha since her early childhood and that inspired her to climb Everest at such young age.

Pathak successfully climbed the Mt Everest on 17 along with some Sherpa guides and has descended to the base camp, said Pemba Sherpa, managing director of Seven Summit Treks. Inspired by Arunima Sinha, the first Indian amputee to climb Mt Everest, Pathak was carrying the message nothing is impossible and women can overcome every battle easily with willpower.

Pathak had written in her Facebook page that she wanted to make famous the name of Haryana and Hisar, her home town. She has already conquered Stok Khangri, a 6,053-metre peak in Ladakh. As soon as she returns to Kathmandu, Pathak will be awarded a certificate of being the youngest Indian woman to scale the mountain from Nepali side. As of 18 May 2018, a total 244 climbers have reached atop Mt Everest. Among them are 64 Americans, 59 Indians, 54 Chinese, 24 from Brits and 25 Nepalis. As many as 3,46 aspirants from some 43 countries are aiming to achieve the feat this year.

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