Six new species of water beetle found in Manipur wetlands

Scientists have discovered six new species of water beetle in water bodies of the north eastern state of Manipur. These species are new to India. The species that helps in nutrient recycling and improving food chain in water bodies were discovered as part of a three year study on importance of aquatic beetle (coleoptera) in fresh eco-systems of Manipur.

The Kolkata-based Zoological Survey of India maintains the list of water beetles discovered in India, most in the rainy areas of north-east and Western Ghats. “Its latest edition does not mention these six species and therefore, they are new to India,” Dr M Bhubaneshwari Devi, lead researcher of the project.

The beetles consume aquatic species like fleas, flatworms, mosquito larvae and frog tadpoles to maintain flood balance in the water system. Although these species are new to Indian science, locals popularly call them Tharaikokpi macha (means beetle in local language) and have known them for years.

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