Sports Authority of India shortlists 734 youngsters for KHELO INDIA scholarship programme

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) on July 22, 2018, shortlisted 734 young players for a scholarship programme under the KHELO INDIA Talent Identification Development Scheme. The move came following the successful conduct of the Khelo India School Games. The names were finalized by SAI’s High Powered Committee (HPC) after due diligence. A Talent Identification Committee was formed earlier, comprising Arjuna Awardees and Dronacharya Awardees, to shortlist and propose the names of the beneficiaries to the High Powered Committee.

Key Highlights:-

1. The scholarship programme is designed to take care of expenses of the players including training, development, boarding and lodging and tournament exposure apart from the expense allowance.
2. An annual stipend of Rs 1.2 lakhs will be given to the players on a quarterly basis to meet their out of pocket expenses, treating injuries.
3. Support and skill training will be provided at KHELO INDIA accredited Academies.
4. The talent spotting and age verification of the selected players has been driven by the scientific and trusted method through Tanner Whitehouse 3 (TW3) method, popular test for assessing children’s bone age.
5. A strong performance management system would be in place and performances will be rewarded.
6. Athletes must report injury immediately so that timely rehabilitation can be offered.
7. If athletes are not fulfilling the criterion and coming up to the requisite standards, they may be pulled out from the academies.
8. A robust performance monitoring system would be put in place to get the best out of everyone involved in the system.

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