State startup conference kicks off in Delhi 14 September 2017

A conference to discuss developing congenial start-up ecosystem in the states, including incubation facilities, begins in New Delhi on 12 September 2017. Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, C R Chaudhry has inaugurated the event in the esteemed presence of senior functionaries from State/Union Territory Governments, Incubators/Accelerators, Funding agencies, VCs, Angel investors and Startups. The conference is expected to provide a significant impetus to the creation of an enabling Startup Ecosystem in the country.

The discussions shall be conducted around four key themes related to key components of the startup ecosystem, namely:-
1. Governance reforms to be undertaken by States for Startups.
2. Incubation facilities in India and role of State Governments in developing these facilities.
3. Role of State Governments in setting up funds for Startups.
4. Making regulations easier for Startups.

Further, in order to provide momentum towards building up a positive Startup ecosystem in the States, a framework for ranking various States/ Union Territories on the basis of initiatives taken to promote Startups will also be discussed. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India has organized the Second State Startup Conference on Tuesday in New Delhi.

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