Study says every individual ingest 5g of microscopic plastic particles every week

Researchers said that the people could be ingesting 5g of microscopic plastic particles every week. Microplastics are tiny plastics pieces ranging from 5 millimeters down to 100 nanometers in diameter.

Microplastics in food:
Microplastics enter our body through the marine source, non-marine source and sometimes indoor dust.
The consumption happens mostly from the tap and bottled water, nearly invisible bits of polymer were also found in canned fish, shellfish, beer, and salt.


The result was drawn from studying 52 peer-reviewed studies. These are the first to estimate the sheer weight of plastics consumed by individual humans. The result showed that about 250 g over the course of a year is consumed by individual human.

Grand View Research reported that in the last two decades, the world has produced as much plastic as during the rest of history, and the industry is set to grow by 4% a year until 2025.

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