Term and Conditions

We are thankful to visit with us.Hope you stay touch with us to enjoy our services. The information contained in this site is genuine and realistic.We try our best to serve you the accuracy and consistency of the material on our site.But we don’t promise you that there are no bugs inside the site. No claims,warranty or guarantee are provided with respect to the material on this site.

We will not be liable to you with respect to the accidental,unintentional,loss of the content inside the site.The private or financial information of customers saved in our site will be confidential.Any virus,miscellaneous activities which may transmitted through our site or from third person will be not be responsible for this.But we assure our user for fully comfort and satisfaction.Freejobnews.com is not liable for any alligation opposite to the absence or shortage of services and product assest by the third party.
we will responsible for the direct,indirect,penal,consequential loss from following(a) use of product and services.(b)the cost of product or (c)non permitted access or variance of the transmitted information.We shall not be liable for non-connection of the website during the sporadic maintenance or by the technical reasons of the site.
The information or any data download by the users through the site is done completely at their own caution.And they wil also responsible for their own hardware loss and damage of data after downloading some type of data.

All purchases and payments made will be final and non-refundable, except where explicitly it is stated as part of an ongoing marketing promotion. Users are requested to evaluate the sample services before buying the final product.
Purchased products are available to users profile post successful payment. If users are not satisfied with product content, they may write and send feedback on Tawk.co chat box for proper response within 24 hours of purchase of product.
All refunds, if eligible, will be processed within 14 (Fourteen) business days of receiving cancellation request and will be credited in customer account.

We present the platform where users can connect and interact for their sale and transaction process.Customer are requested to complete the transactions while investing on product before leaving the site.
The order can cancelled because of some circumstances like,product not transmitted within deadline,address incompleteness,delivery of wrong product,customer not available,refund would not be applicable incase of decline to take the delivery.Customers should provide their consistent or correct information so that we are able to deliver your product at your place.

The seller is free to decide the price of the course and if the customer buys course at verified price will not allowed to alter the course session.In case of completion of the course because memebership attire then you will not be desiginate to the refund of any vacant portion of the fees rewarded by you.In case if customer need to pay through the alternative mode of payment that is liable to us.Customers using the international cards are requested that our site payment gateway accepts only USD,RUPEES,EURO.If a product is not displayed on the purchasing receipt,will return to you,and if wrong product are deliver to you will refund only if the product in its sealing and unused.The price of product will be same as mentioned in the price tag of the product.As transaction are online we will assure you the privacy of your confidential information like password,account number,contact details etc.

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