Tips to stay calm during interview

Some people are so overwhelmed by nervousness that they perform poorly during the interview and compromise their chances of getting the job. You don’t have to let your nerves get the best of you. Use relaxation tips and other strategies to overcome nervousness and perform at your best.

1.)Be Prepared
2.)Be Positive
3.)Deep Breaths
4.)Research the company
5.)Arrive early
6.)Well Sleep
9.)Chill out
10.)Don’t Give In to Desperation

Be Prepared

Preparation is the best way to overcome interview nerves, along with remembering that a certain amount of anxiety in a stressful situation is healthy. A bit of nervousness and anticipation may actually make you sharper and help you perform better. Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare and arrive for the interview. Plan and prepare what you are going to wear the day before. Also plan your travel preparations the day before.

Be Positive

Just prior to the interview think about positive and happy experiences you have had, like family outings, holidays etc. This can help relax you considerably.Imagine yourself at the interview in complete control with a big grin on your face and answering all the questions just as you’d hope. It sounds cheesy, but it works. On the day, remember that smiling releases endorphins that can instantly cheat the brain into making you feel happier.

Deep Breaths

During the interview take deep slow breaths to get oxygen to your brain. Also just before entering the interview room take deep breaths and hold it in for a count of five, then let it out for a count of five.Once you’re in the interview, remember that a pause and a simple deep breath can do a lot to calm any jitters or sense of panic. Anxiety leads to quick, shallow breathing, which can affect your body language and your voice.

Research the company

Look at the company’s website, their products, services and industry, the more you learn about a prospective employer the more confident you will feel. You can get the latest news from the company’s annual report its website,press releases and of course the internet.

Arrive early

Get there with time to spare, this will help to settle down and make you feel in control. If you arrive 3 minutes before the interview you will feel rushed and not in the right frame of mind.

Proper Sleep

Get a good night’s sleep before the interview date. Feeling tired and irritable is the last thing you need.


For a positive attitude its very necessary to smile,which signal your body to ease up.


Focus on looking good, take time to wear the right clothes and to look good. Ensure you have brushed your teeth and that your breath smells fresh. All of these little points will help make you feel more confident about yourself and your ability.

Chill out

Identify your strengths. Practice talking about them. Knowing your worth can make you feel more confident.If you’re a bit sweaty when you arrive, nip to the loo and run your wrists under cold water and dab it behind your ears. These spots are where the arteries are close to the surface, so the cold water cools your blood.

Don’t Give In to Desperation

No matter how desperately you want the job, remember that it’s just one opportunity. Your entire future is not dependent on landing this particular job. You don’t even know that much about the position yet. Sure, it looks good on paper, but it’s not your only option.Keep in mind that you are there because they liked your résumé or the impression you made in the screening interview. That’s a compelling reason for you to be upbeat on the day of the interview.

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