Tourism Ministry launches new Incredible India website

The Minister of State (I/C) for Tourism KJ Alphons launched the new ‘Incredible India’ website in New Delhi on June 14, 2018. The interactive website will showcase India as a holistic destination, revolving around major experiences such as spirituality, heritage, adventure, culture, yoga, and wellness. It is designed using trends and technologies of international standards, in order to project India as a ‘must-visit’ destination, especially among its overseas travelers.

Key Highlights:-

User-Friendly Design:- The website is aesthetically designed to enable easy dissemination of a large amount of information.
Advanced Personalisation:- The website leverages the power of Adobe Experience Cloud to identify different user personas and offer a personalized experience.
Content Rich:- The website comprises all the required content about destinations across the world, even about exotic destinations of the country.
Interactive Search:- The website has many useful features to make it more interactive and to provide a deeper engagement to the travelers visiting the website. It will also enable easy browsing of destinations and experiences of the user’s choice with a quick search.

The Tourism Ministry, with the help of Adobe solution suite, will be able to engage effectively with visitors across the web and social channels and measure engagement to deliver real-time personalized experiences for each visitor, based on their interest and travel personality. Further, the Ministry in partnership with Google Arts & Culture will bring online a series of compelling visuals that will give the user an immersive experience of India’s spectacular heritage, festivity, spirituality, museums, and adventure.

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