Toyota to develop a new system that could predict heart attack

Scientists are developing a new system that would be able to predict if a car driver is about to have a heart attack. The feature would help avoid road accidents due to an unexpected cardiac event. In the hope of reducing this risk, Toyota is developing new technology that can predict such an event and bring the car to a safe stop. While the system is still in development, Toyota hopes that it will have preliminary results by 2020. Speaking on the development, Kayvan Najarian, a researcher from the University of Michigan in the US, noted that when a person has a medical emergency behind the wheel, fellow passengers and motorists also face the risk of death or serious injury.

Key Facts-

1. Toyota is working alongside Michigan Medicine to develop the technology.

2. The heart monitoring technology is being developed by researchers in collaboration with Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota.

3. The team is working on a system that could be placed in a car to monitor and predict a cardiac event.

4. Machine-learning models will be used to analyse the data collected, before testing the system on real-time prediction of cardiac events.

5. The researchers have identified the challenges, potential solutions, hardware options and algorithmic approaches that could be potentially used for its creation.

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