Tricks to create a Smart Resume

A interviewer takes 30 seconds only to scan through your resume.Your resume must outlines your work history, skills and academic qualifications.For an interview the essential step is to create an attractive well prepare and concise resume.keep these tips in mind while make a

Concise and crystal clear- Your Resume should be Concise and crystal clear.A interviewer takes 30 seconds only to scan through your resume.So it create best impact with in short period.

Use Action verbs-

While make Resume use action verbs,which make your resume impressive and attractive and make your sentences clear.

Use Listing or bullet points-

Instead of using paragraph use points or bullet which caused great impact and easy to understand.

Be unique - your resume should be unique.Don’t copy the resume format of your friend. Use different format which highlight you uniquely.

Format of an Impressive Resume

Personal details-Header part of your resume should include your Name,postal address, phone number and email address . If a company wants to call you for an interview or needs to communicate with you for any further information, they will look out for this information.

Career objective- Convey your goal and summary of your objective in this section.You should be aimed toward getting a particular post in a particular company

Educational qualification-Educational qualifications play an important role in the recruitment of freshers. If you are a fresh candidate, focus your CV on your qualifications and achievements during your student life.

Work and experience-

If you are an experienced candidate, your work experience is your main asset. Include the details of the relevant jobs you have done in the past. You should present your work experience in a chronologically descending order ie the last company first.

This should include the name of the company, your designation and tenure followed by your job responsibilities and achievements. It is always better to present this information in bulleted format rather than a clumsy paragraph. Mention some figures when you talk about your achievements.

Skills, Interests and hobbies

These reflect your personality and skills. Present the relevant achievements in the order of priority ie the most important achievement first. Similarly, present your interests as well. Write about the achievements that display a facet of your personality. For example, if you have been the president of your college, do mention it. It shows your leadership skills.


Normally two referees are sufficient: one academic (perhaps your tutor or a project supervisor) and one from an employer (perhaps your last part-time or summer job). See our page on Choosing and Using Referees for more help with this.

The order and the emphasis will depend on what you are applying for and what you have to offer. For example, the example media CV lists the candidate’s relevant work experience first.

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