Trump-Kim Vietnam Summit: President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

United States President Donald Trump held the second summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un in Vietnam on February 27-28, 2019 as part of his administration’s ongoing endeavors to denuclearise North Korea. Vietnam’s Hanoi hosted the second summit. Vietnam has diplomatic ties with both Washington and Pyongyang.

The 2nd Trump-Kim Summit was in continuation of Trump’s efforts to persuade Kim to roll back his nuclear program. The Summit comes less than a year after the two leaders held a historic meeting in Singapore in June 2018. Since their meeting, Trump has claimed that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat; however, the observers have witnessed some movement at their nuclear site.

South Korean President, Moon Jae-in was the one who had helped set up the first Trump-Kim meeting. Moon himself held three summits with Kim in 2018 itself. During the Inter-Korean Summit in April 2018, both the leaders signed a landmark peace agreement ‘Panmunjeom Declaration’ for the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. The two leaders pledged a ‘new era of peace’ through the joint declaration.

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