U.S. Pacific Command renamed U.S. Indo-Pacific Command

The United States on 30 May 2018 renamed its strategically important Pacific Command (PACOM) the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, in a move widely seen as a public expression of Washington’s keenness to count India as a key partner in its strategic planning.

The Donald Trump administration has been using the term Indo-Pacific instead of Asia-Pacific in official documents already. Secretary of Defence James Mattis made the announcement at the change of command ceremony in Hawaii where Admiral Philip S. Davidson took charge of the command from Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr.

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command is critical for “a region open to investment and free, fair and reciprocal trade, not bound by any nation’s predatory economics or threat of coercion, for the Indo-Pacific has many belts and many roads. For U.S. Pacific Command, it is our primary combatant command, it’s standing watch and intimately engaged with over half of the earth’s surface and its diverse populations, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from polar bears to penguins as Admiral Harris puts it,

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