UAE Cabinet adopts National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031

The UAE Cabinet has adopted the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031. The move was undertaken during a cabinet meeting at the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi on April 21, 2019, which was chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.

Key Highlights:-

1. The strategy includes eight strategic objectives, a number of initiatives, along with a number of initiatives aimed at employing artificial intelligence in vital areas such as education, government services, and the community wellbeing.
2. It also includes a plan to build a well-established UAE brand of artificial intelligence through artificial intelligence activities that will make the UAE a test platform for artificial intelligence technology, provide enhanced services with advanced technology, training and qualification programmes, talent building, research, data development, and governance.
3. The strategy will focus on the following fields of priorities during the first phase of implementation: resources and energy, logistics and transportation, tourism and hospitality, healthcare and cybersecurity.
4. The implementation process will be overseen by the Emirates Council for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transactions, in coordination with a number of local and federal entities.

The UAE Cabinet also adopted the National Strategy for Integrated Chemicals Management to improve the chemicals management systems in a unified manner at the national level and reduce their health and environmental impact and manage risks.

The Cabinet also adopted and ratified a number of international agreements, including the ratification of an agreement between the UAE and the Government of Botswana to avoid double taxation, as well as agreements with the Bahrain government, the Bhutan government and the Vanuatu government on air transport services.

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