UN members adopt Global Compact on Refugees

The UN member states on December 17, 2018, voted in favour of the Global Compact on Refugees, affirming international solidarity and cooperation for refugee protection and host community development. The Global Compact on refugees received 181 votes in favour in the 193-member assembly, days after a UN conference in Morocco adopted a similar compact on migration.

The United States and Hungary were the only two nations that voted against the agreement, while 181 countries voted in favour and the Dominican Republic, Eritrea and Libya abstained. According to an official press release, the new global deal would provide more robust support to those fleeing their countries and for the countries that take them in.

The declaration gave birth to two compacts: one on refugees and one on migrants. The global migration pact, known as the ‘Global Compact for Safe, orderly and Regular Migration’, was formally adopted by 164 Governments at an international conference in Marrakech, Morocco on December 10 in a bid to support safe, orderly and regular migration.

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