UN Report Says India is Set to Overtake China as the Most Populous Country by 2027

United Nations report said that India is set to overtake China as the most populous country by 2027. India will have almost 1.64 billion inhabitants by 2050. South Asia’s opportunity to reap the demographic dividend will peak by 2047.

According to the World Population Prospects 2019 report India is expected to have the largest national increase in the world by 2050. China, on the other hand, is expected to become smaller, dropping from its current 1.43 billion people to approximately 1.4 billion by 2050.

However, while India may have the highest absolute increase in numbers, its rate of growth is slowing. The Central and the Southern Asia region, of which India is a part, is expected to see a 25% increase in population between now and 2050.

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