Unicity launches world’s first ever Genomeceuticals range of products in India

Unicity International, headquartered in Orem, Utah, United States has launched world’s first ever Genomeceutical (gene controlling) range of products to India. The product ‘Genomeceutical is a ground-breaking, patent-pending, technology whereby certain secondary metabolites found in nature can help maintain the gene response whenever needed by the body and help maintain overall metabolic health. Unicity is currently researching an extensive range of products by leveraging this technology.

Addressing mediapersons on 29 August 2017 in city, Bikash Pradhan, head of sales, Unicity India said human DNA makes every individual unique. It contains the biological code that defines every single protein in the body. DNA undergoes a process called transcription or gene expression that creates a “messenger” molecule, telling the body to make a specific protein.

Each protein that is made in the body carries out a crucial function that keeps us healthy. As the body ages, DNA transcription may get adversely affected and the proteins may stop working properly. Unicity therefore uses advanced Genomecutical technology in its products to support proper gene expression, which helps maintain healthy body function at their most basic levels.

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