Union Minister Piyush Goyal to Launch Global Innovation Index 2019

Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal planned to launch the Global Innovation Index (GII) on July 24. The theme of the event is “Evaluating the Medical Innovation Scenario of the Next Decade.”They will launch in the presence of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Director General Francis Gurry.

The launch of GII mainly shows the innovation rankings of economies and findings for this corresponding fiscal year. The 12th edition of GII with 129 countries under its observation. The GII measures innovation-friendly are based on the environment of global economies. There are around 80 entries.

The main aim is to highlight the role and dynamics of medical innovation to implement the future of healthcare and the potential impact on economic growth. The GII started to assess the innovation capabilities of national economies worldwide. The initiative will make to feel the countries facilitate innovation was done by INSEAD and World Business in 2007.

Each year the GII presents a thematic component that tracks global innovation. They analyze the medical innovation landscape and also monitor the technological and non-technological medical innovation transform the delivery of healthcare worldwide.

They explore the dynamics of medical innovation as it shapes the future of healthcare on economic growth.
The event will have a special session on India’s R&D Expenditure Ecosystem which will be addressed by WIPO’s Chief Economist Carsten Fink, Member of Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (PMEAC) B N Satpathy and Principal Scientific Advisor K Vijay Raghavan.

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