Uttam Dhillon Appointed Head Of Drug Enforcement Agency In US

Uttam Dhillon, an Indian-American top White House lawyer, has been appointed as the new head of the crucial Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that combats the smuggling and use of narcotics in the US. Dhillon replaces Robert Patterson, who has retired after 30 years of service.

The work of the Drug Enforcement Administration is critical to fighting this crisis, and President Donald Trump and he are committed to continuing to give it the strong leadership it deserves. Dhillon is a dedicated public servant who has served with distinction in the White House, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, Congress, and as a career federal prosecutor taking on drug traffickers at the highest levels.

Prior to DHS, Dhillon served as an Associate Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice, where he chaired the Attorney General’s Anti-Gang Coordination Committee and led efforts to formulate and implement Department of Justice policies and programmes to combat violent crime and criminal gangs.

Dhillon, who till recently worked in the White House as Deputy Counsel and Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump, took up the role of Acting Director of the DEA on Tuesday. “With one American dying of a drug overdose every nine minutes, there can be no doubt that we are facing the deadliest drug epidemic in our history.

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