Venezuela expels US diplomats in response to Trump’s sanctions

The newly re-elected President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro on May 22, 2018 ordered the expulsion of two top US diplomats in Caracas in retaliation to the new round of US sanctions imposed over Venezuela’s widely-condemned elections. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro won another six years of term on May 20 in an election that was called as a sham by the opposition and other countries including the United States.

Venezuelan President Maduro responded to Trump’s sanctions by ordering US charge d’affaires Todd Robinson to leave the nation after accusing him of being involved in a military conspiracy. Maduro also ordered another senior diplomat, Brian Naranjo, to leave the nation. Both the diplomats have been given 48 hours to make the move. Maduro gave no details of the accusations but said that the US Embassy had been meddling in military, economic and political issues and vowed to present the evidence shortly.

The Trump administration has also tried to convince China and Russia to stop issuing new credit to Venezuela. The two countries have provided billions of dollars in funding to Venezuela in recent years. However, both China and Russia are unlikely to heed the US warnings. While Russia stated that it would not comply with the sanctions, China said that it believed that the United States and Venezuela should resolve their differences through talks.

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