WEF launches Global Centre for Cybersecurity

In a bid to safeguard the world from hackers and growing data breaches especially from nation-states the World Economic Forum (WEF) on 24 January 2018 announced a new Global Centre for Cybersecurity. Cyber security has been the most pressing issue of our times. We badly needs a platform to ward off cyber criminals. The centre will help bring all the stakeholders together in achieving that.

We need to collaborate with the governments as well as international organisations. To begin with, we will reach out to key industry players and G-20 countries to make this platform a success for dialogue and real-time action on cyber threats. Cyber breaches recorded by businesses are on the rise. In the last five years, these have almost doubled to an average of 130 breaches per business in 2017.

Threats are getting bigger in scale. Criminal abuse of virtual currencies is happening at a faster rate. Data breaches are impacting billions of users,” said Rob Wainwright, Director, Europol. The banking sector is in the firing line. Professional cyber criminals are after high-value targets like banks while state-sponsored activities are blending with a growing breed of cybercriminals. We need to fight back as well via building new networks

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