WhatsApp is testing a feature to make changing numbers easier

People who change mobile devices often can probably relate to the pain of having to reauthenticate WhatsApp each time you do so. Backup chats, join groups again, it isn’t exactly easy to migrate WhatsApp from one device to another, worse still if you’ve’ changed your mobile number.Well, don’t fret! WhatsApp understands your pain, they have now begun testing a feature that makes it easier for users to change mobile numbers without jumping through as many hoops. The feature automatically notifies your contact base of the number change.The feature was recently spotted by @WABetainfo on version 2.17.130 for Windows 10 mobile devices. Besides notifying your contacts, the feature also helps you change numbers without losing your chats and group memberships. Alternatively, you can also decide who gets to view the updated number on your contact list.Also, new in the Beta is a live location sharing feature like the ones introduced by Facebook and Google recently. These features are in Beta right now and on Windows 10 mobile device, so if you own one, you can download the Beta and test it for yourself. Naturally, all things in Beta must not be considered final, there may still be bugs or instability issues, so it would make sense for most people to just wait it out till we get a stable build.also found traces of the Live location sharing feature on the v2.17.150 Beta Android build but it’s disabled by default. So it looks like the new update will land on our devices pretty soon.

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