World’s fastest elevator to be installed in skyscraper complex building in China

The world’s fastest elevator is set to been installed in a skyscraper complex building in China. It can operate at a record breaking speed of 1,260 metres per minute.The speed was recorded during a test of the elevator in Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre in China.The achievement was recorded by China’s National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre, a public accreditation body of elevators.The elevator has various safety features including brake equipment using materials with outstanding heat resistance. Apart from this, an air pressure adjustment technology has been installed which eases ear blockage by reducing the changes in air pressure inside elevator car. Active guide rollers installed in the elevator absorbs vibration during high-speed operation, making the ride comfortable.Hitachi also claims that the elevator’s brake equipment is made of heat resistant materials, and its descending speed is 600 meters (1,968 feet) per minute or 36 kilometres (22.4 miles) per hour.

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