World’s smallest squirrel discovered in Indonesia

Indonesian scientists from the Lambung Mangkurat University have found the world’s smallest squirrel in Borneo rain forest in the central parts of the country. The news was announced by Indonesia authorities on 25 September 2017.

1. The squirrel is 73 mm long and weighs about 17 grams. Although active during the day, this species is quite difficult to find in a disturbed habitat.
2. The species was found on 16 September 2017 during an expedition. The species was discovered by the Barito River Expedition Team of the River Community (Melingai) and Rivers Center (BWS) II.
3. This type of species lives across Borneo island, especially the area with height of over 1000 metres above sea surface.
4. The squirrel was found in Meratus mountain of South Kalimantan province of Indonesia. There are six subspecies of small squirrels in Asia, of which three are found in Kalimantan. Of these three, two of them are endemic to Kalimantan.

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